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Guinea Pigs at Boambee

In Module One at Boambee, we
often have animals visit our
classes. Shannon brought in
her nine guinea pig babies to
show us.

"My guinea pigs had babies.
Abe, Timmy and Sasha had
three babies each on Sunday,
Monday and Tuesday. I brought
them into school because the
school kids had not seen
said Shannon.

They were only a few days old
when we were able to cuddle
them. While we cuddled them,
we also looked at them
carefully. We discovered some
things about them.

We saw that they are covered in
fur, even when they are babies.
The fur is different colours,
even on the same guinea pig. They
have little claws that tickle
when they hold onto your hand.
When we listened to them we heard
that they make a little squeal, a
bit like a whimper.

After looking at the baby guinea
pigs, we read some information
about them and wrote this class
information report.

Guinea pigs

Guinea pigs are mammals. When
the babies are born they are
little - about 85 grams.

They eat grass, seeds and
vegetables and drink water. If
they eat fresh green food, no
water may be needed.

When we keep them for pets they
need to have food and water all
day because they eat a lot.

Guinea pigs have no way of
defending themselves so they
run to their burrows when they
are frightened.